Blackthorn Dragons T5 UVB Kit
Blackthorn Dragons T5 UVB Kit
Blackthorn Dragons T5 UVB Kit

Blackthorn Dragons T5 UVB Kit

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Blackthorn Dragons HO T5 kit is a sleek and functional UV-B lighting all-in-one kit for your reptile!

The kit is equipped with a curved reflector that has 2 angles of reflection from each curve providing UV-rich light directly beneath (10-12inch) and over a wide area for your reptile

This versatile and easy to use lighting kit can be fitted into any enclosure with the fitting kit that is included, or, it can be placed above the mesh of any type of larger enclosure.

The T5 kit will help you to provide the correct levels of essential UV energy beneath and over a targeted area. This will allow you as the keeper to provide targeted areas of UV-B light and shade in which your animal can self-regulate within standard sized enclosures.

Includes: D3 Desert Bulb

D3 Desert Bulb supports desert reptile species biological process of synthesizing Vitamin D3

The Blackthorn Dragons “Desert Bulb” is a small but mighty high output T5 lamp. Made by experts to simulate nature sunlight and provide UV-B radiation to your reptile!

 Increased UV-B

-  6 month lifespan before a change is required

-  No blue/purple color

-  Flicker free

Suitable for reptiles that require high levels of UVB and kept in large enclosures

  • Bearded Dragons
  • Blue-tongued Skink
  • Agamids
  • Tegus
  • Uromastyx
  • Tortoise
  • Freshwater turtles


Watt 24W
Fixture Length 24” (Bulb is 22")

Kelvin 6000k


Ultra Violet Index:  


UV index

300mm / 12 inches


380mm / 16 inches



UVI measurements taken at the very center of the strongest point using a solar meter 6.5.

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