Tifani & WHitney

As children who grew up living next door to each other, we always shared a love for weird and unusual animals and plants! It was no surprise as we grew older that we became reptile keepers

Blackthorn Dragons Reptile Store, LLC is a woman-owned one stop shop to meeting all your reptile and amphibian specific needs! We are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and we provide premium supplies, plants, and insects in order to create the absolute best husbandry possible. Blackthorn Dragons is also a worry-free place to find your next healthy and genetically sound captive-bred animal. We believe that every reptile should be provided the opportunity to thrive and not just survive. That’s why our website offers educational content that is accurate and current so that together we can change the reptile keeping community— in the best way possible.

Why We Created Blackthorn Dragons

Like so many others, we fell into the trap of typical pet store franchise reptile keeping methods. After researching we found many things wrong with not only the advice these chains gave but also the products that were recommended. We spent many years educating ourselves and found most of the methods taught we inaccurate and stressful for the animals!

-Many pet store chains are missing an important element: love. We found in our experience, it was always sad going into pet stores and seeing
animals that are kept in too small enclosures with poor husbandry. We wanted to
put an end to this.

-Pet stores are usually tailored for cats and dogs. When
you type in google “Reptile Store” what usually pops up? EXACTLY! A store that
takes a one store fits all approach. Blackthorn Dragons is made SPECIFICALLY
for all the reptile & amphibian keepers out there!

-Putting an end to bad product recommendations! We
hand-select EVERY product that enters our store. We are not in this to make a
quick dollar and call it a day, we TRULY want these beautiful creatures to thrive!

-Our brand is designed with you in mind. Our brand of products are made to make reptile keeping easier as well as having aesthetically pleasing choices in your husbandry. Husbandry is different for everyone and every species which is why we design our products to give you variety. We guarantee you will find affordable products to help with perfect husbandry and also as exotic as you!

We found that there is a lot of information out there
in the reptile world which can get confusing and oftentimes overwhelming. We
are here to help you on your path in discovering the beautiful world of reptile
keeping. We strive to give you the knowledge you need so that you are confident
in your ability to make your animal thrive!