Weekly Prep with Blackthorn Dragons: Links to supplies

Links to supplies

Spray bottle I use for cleaner (I like these because they are plastic free and come with labels): Click Here

Vinegar for cleaning solution: Click Here

Solar meter I use: This particular link on Amazon the prices fluctuate. I snagged mine at 180.00! So just keep refreshing until you are ready to make a purchase. This solar meter is easy to read as well, if you purchase the blue one there is a whole math conversion you have to do! Trust me when I say, this is the best one to use! LOL : Click Here

Kraft paper substrate: Click Here 

 Vet grade cleaner used for monthly tank cleanings: Chewy Link & Amazon Link

Food container for greens: Click Here

-------------------------------------------------------------------Enclosure Information:

We house every dragon by themselves:

Adult Dragons 10 months or older:

DIY Cages  (4x2x2: these are stackable)

Juvenile and Sub-adult dragons 3-6 months:

Zen Habitats (2x2x2: these are stackable)

New Age Pet Enclosures (medium: these are not stackable you will need shelving)

Baby and Juvenile Dragons: 1-4 Months:

New Enclosures Age Pet  (small for the tiny babies: these are not stackable you will need shelving)