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Our original enclosures require some muscle and puzzle piecing the frames together. Our new Meridian line is more user friendly and requires only 8 screws and a couple minutes to assemble! The panels are semi pre-assembled and fold up like a dog crate. Meridian is the way to go if you anticipate having to move the enclosure around a bit since disassembly will be much easier. Both lines maintain the Zen quality and aesthetic and you can mix and match your stack. 

When choosing a reptile enclosure, consider the humidity needs of your reptile. The main difference is the amount of humidity the panels can handle without damaging the panels. PVC panels support both desert and tropical environments of 0-100% humidity.  In addition, PVC supports the use of UTH (under-tank-heating.)

Our wood panel enclosures are perfect for desert reptiles and small animals requiring low humidity levels 0-50%. Wood enclosures are not to be used with UTH.

The Zen Habitats PVC panels support the use of UTH…which would obviously be a no-no for wood. CHE works great on all our reptile enclosures.

The enclosures are secure enough to be stackable, but you would need a stacking spacer or deluxe stacking spacer, to allow the bottom unit to properly ventilate for your pet.

All of our enclosures come with a 6-12 inch substrate shield to keep loose substrate in the enclosure.

Yes. However, to keep water from seeping through the seams, it is best to use our bio basin (4’x2’ or 2’x2’) or a plastic liner. 

Both the PVC and wood panels are 1/4" thick and can support up to 100 lbs. of substrate without an issue. If you need to go up to 250 lbs., our cabinet stands and deluxe spacers come with two support bars.

Because everyone’s lighting needs are different, we created our Zen habitats with the most flexibility possible. You can place your lights on top or inside the enclosure. We even have a wire grommet for your electric cords. Lighting on the inside can be attached to the support bars using a multitude of different fasteners. We choose to use zip ties or a small chain.

The top screen is made of steel and includes steel support bars. The screen is welded into a steel frame which securely fits into the enclosure. 

A standard 40-gallon breeder tank is 36”x18”x16”. Our standard 4’x2’x2’ enclosures are 48”x24”x24” which is equivalent to approximately 120-gallons. This would make Zen Habitats enclosures three times larger by volume. 

We also offer additional enclosures in the following sizes:

48”x24”x16” – 80-gallon equivalent

4’x2’x4’ – 240-gallon equivalent

2’x2’x4’ – 120-gallon equivalent

2’x2’x2’ – 60-gallon equivalent

Our extension kits allow you to put together any two of our 4'x2'x2' and 2'x2'x2' enclosures or 4’x2’x4’ and 2’x2’x4’ enclosures to help you achieve these gallon conversions and a larger enclosure space for your pet.

Due to vendor agreements with Zen Habitats, we cannot guarantee shipping times as they may vary. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about shipping.