Most Hilarious Questions You Get Asked as a Reptile Keeper


Funniest comments and questions you get asked as a reptile keeper


Reptile keepers are BOLD, extraordinary, and hold a wealth of knowledge! There are many things that make each one of us unique in the reptile community, but there are also a couple of things that we have in common as well! Without fail, we all get asked the same questions over and over!

We have compiled the reptile keeping communitys' answers to the FUNNIEST and most common questions we get asked as keepers! 


1. How are your little Komodo Dragons/Iguana's doing? 

 .... is that even legal? 😳 


2. So you keep bugs... in your house?? 

 "Why yes, yes i do..." 


3. OH H#$% NO! I do not do lizards of any kind! 

 "Um.... I guess i'll just suck on this lemon" 


4. "WOW! So do they like camoflauge to your walls and stuff??" 

"yes, sorta of"  *I dont even bother replying to this one anymore.*


5. "Does it bite?? / Do they try and eat your kids?"


"Quite regularly actually" 


6. Is it poisonous? 



7. You own a what?! What is that? 

"Yea, its like a dog... with scales..."


8. I have these two reptiles and I'd love to have babies! How do I do it?? 

🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️No explanation needed here... 


9. Why does it have holes on the side of its head?? 


"why do you??" 


10. Do they poop?? 



And lastly, our honorable mention: 

11. "Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you, but I have these animals I'm trying to rehome... would you be interested?" 

Everyone who owns a reptile has been found by some sort of scammer trying to "rehome" this amazingly immaculate specimen of a reptile! 


We hope you were able to chuckle reading through these questions and comments! Thank you for all your help in bringing this article to life! We've enjoyed sifting through all of your answers and adding to our list! We are incredibly grateful to be apart of such an amazing family! We love you all! 

-Your fellow "lizard girls" (as we get called religiously!),

Tifani & Whitney

What are some other questions you always get asked as a keeper?? Tell us in the comment below! 
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