8 Reasons your Bearded Dragon bowls should be Buggy Bowls


8 Reasons your bearded dragon bowls should be buggy bowls

Still on the fence on what Bearded Dragon bowls are best for your Dragon? That decision should be EASY! Your answer should be Buggy Bowls every time! Let us explain the BEST reasons of choosing our bowls!

  1. They’re escape resistant!

This concept came from the BIGGEST issue we have had dealing with bowls. We have tried cat bowls, dog bowls, sauce dishes, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, YOU NAME IT! Just kidding with the last part! But seriously, our biggest frustration is that bugs are bugs and ESCAPE. SO, we came up with a design that would help prevent this nuisance!! 


  1. They are ONE-OF-A-KIND!

We spent SOOO much time perfecting the Buggy Bowl design. Seriously! If you don't know much about the world of 3D printing, there are free files EVERYWHERE.. but we wanted something completely unique for the community. We took the extra time to learn drawing out our concept, learning to use a CAD program, studying the in's and out's of slicing, fine tuning our settings on our machines, and WAH-LA.... we have the Buggy Bowl! 


  1. They support Small Business

We are all aware of how important small businesses are for the community, when you purchase from us you are supporting our small business! Small business is extremely important for our economy and helping keep the industry falling into the hands of massive chains that monopolize production. We absolutely LOVE what we do! We LOVE being able to provide the reptile community support, quality products, and excellent customer service!


  1. Helping a BIGGER cause!

We are passionate about our animals and passionate about the private ownership and trade of these animals! Which is why we 100% support USARK! 

Stay on the look out for our upcoming launches where we donate part of our proceeds to USARK! We believe in giving back to the community by donating to a cause that will continuously advocate for our reptiles and for all of you as reptile keepers!  


  1. Buggy Bowls represent ETHICAL CARE!

You will often hear us say reptiles are more than pets, they are family. We truly and whole heartedly believe in the ethical care and breeding of our animals! Healthy pairings and good genetics are of utmost importance to us, BUT SO IS THE QUALITY OF LIFE OF OUR REPTILES. We work effortlessly to ensure our animals are not only healthy, but they are happy!

This means they have opportunity lay out in the sun, they attend all their vet check-ups, they have an diet based on variety, they are even providing enriching enclosures that help stimulate their brains and bodies preventing boredom and obesity, their enclosures cleaned daily, and they are most importantly LOVED.

We cannot promise mass production of animals and always having reptiles available, but we can provide quality and healthy animals from loving people who genuinely care.


  1. They look GREAT!

Before Blackthorn Dragons, finding options for your reptile products has always been a hassle! We wanted to put an end to the endless search for quality and aesthetically pleasing reptile products! We offer the best supplies from only the best reptile brands, and we offer color and variety to all our BTD products! We have SO many plans for BTD products and we would love for you to stick around and follow our journey as we grow BTD and change the reptile community—in the best way possible!  


  1. They are practical!

3 words! Two-in-one! These bowls are a great way to incorporate a full meal all at once! We use our bowls with salad on one side and buggos in the other! You can also try Salads & fruits, veggies & bugs, bugs & bugs, honestly, the possibilities are endless on what you can use your bowl for!


  1. They earn you discounts!!

Purchasing a Buggy Bowl from us will reward you with BTD Bucks, which can be save, built, and used for future discounts on ALL our products (TO INCLUDE OUR ANIMALS) offered on blackthorndragons.com.


There are so many more awesome reasons why WE love Buggy Bowls, but these are just our top picks. We really hope this makes choosing a Bearded Dragon bowl that much easier! So now the question is, what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and give them a go! We know you’ll love them as much as we do!


-Tifani & Whitney



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